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Ireland, Brittany and Flowearth
Cricket in the Box

This CD is the musical adaptation of a Birth-of-Oisín type of story of Irish origin. The theme is centered around the winter solstice feast-cycle represented by stag motifs, medieval Irish poems and Irish folksongs. The CD features flowerthian music from a 17th century Transylvanian Codex (put down by a mystic figure named Hexerich von Kelchblatt) as well as Irish tunes and beautiful dance tunes from Brittany. The flowearthian music was collected by the group leader Gáborján Kovács. The version of the story we retell in the music can also be found in the flowearthian Codex of Hexerich von Kelchblatt.

Róbert Császár: guitar, noises
Sándor Kis: bodhrán, percussion, noises
Gáborján Kovács: flute, whistles, vocals, feather bow, bombard
Péter Szolár: whistles, accordion, noises

Guest musician:
Cecília Juhász: fiddle


  1. Winter | Wild geese | At the trees | Tidings for You | In the Heart of the Wood
  2. Antlerswood | Antlerswood | Mrs. Judge
  3. Thinks on Love
  4. Wondrous Wood | Stream | Eyes | Off to California | Your Garden
  5. Old Good Fellows | Glasses of Fog | Feasting
  6. Cricket in the Box
  7. Proud Deers
  8. Chase
  9. Deers and Hunters | Hunt | Trail | March | Hiding
  10. Lying in a Deep Valley
  11. Lullaby
  12. Child
  13. Deerest
  14. Love Remembered