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IMMRAM - Journey &
IDIR - Between
Irish traditional music

Immram - Journey
An Irish language collection based on mainly medieval songs and folk music. The first album of the group.
Idir - Between
Melodies in English, flavoured by athmosphere of dance tunes, lyrical and pub songs. The second album of the group.

The two albums may only be purchased now as one audio casette.

Gábor Kovács: whistles, flute, bodhrán, vocals, accordion
Szabolcs Kövi: flute, whistels, rattles
Sándor Oláh: guitar, noises


  1. Brian Boru's March + Mary Bergin's Hornpipe
  2. Ar Mo Ghabháil Go Baile' Cliath Dom
  3. Tabhair Dom Do Láimh (Give Me Your Hand)
  4. Bog Baron
  5. Slán Agus Beannacht Le Buaireamh An tSaoil
    (Goodbye and Farewell to the Troubles of the World)
  6. March
  7. Sheoithin Seo + (Dunmore Lasses) + Seothin Seo
  8. Golden Keyboard + Swallow's Tail
  9. An Cóisire


  1. Sheebeag, Sheemór (Kis hegy, nagy hegy)
  2. The Reason I Left Mullingar
  3. Eleonor Plunkett
  4. Lough Erne Shore
  5. Milltown Jig, Josie McDermott's Reel, The Ships Are Sailing
  6. Bonny Portmore
  7. Clare's Dragoons
  8. The Boys of Mullaghbawn
  9. The Dusty Windmill, Maragher Jig, The Mug of Brown Ale
  10. Take Me Up To Monto
  11. Chief O'Neill's Hornpipe, Jenny's Chicken
  12. The Knight on the Road